The path to innovation

Innovation creates new opportunities -  new ways of solving genuine needs. When we innovate, our know-how creates true value for our customers.

At OJ Electronics, innovation is more than just product development. It is a passion for finding creative new ways of meeting your specific needs. It is more than 50 years of application knowledge and technical know-how. And above all, it is listening. Listening to every single thing you tell us, analyzing how best to tackle your challenges, then developing a solution that ensures your success. We innovated through dedicated partnerships.

Defining the needs

No solution exists without well-defined needs. With 50 years of creative problem solving, technical know-how and application knowledge in our toolkit, we are well equipped to develop well-designed solutions based on our unique ability to understand and analyze your needs. We challenge conventional thinking and constantly look for new ways, not only to improve products, but also to make them easier to install and operate.

In every OJ solution you will find: superior quality, flexibility, functionality and design, along with intuitive operation.

Our products are not just technical responses to technical challenges. They are carefully considered solutions that address everything from installation to daily use. And each and every one is developed to strengthen the profile of your company.



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For more than 50 years, we have designed and developed electronic controls for underfloor heating and HVAC.


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Dialogue and close cooperation is the shortest way to a perfect solution.