Introducing our outdoor controller for ice & snow

Electronic Thermostat – Outdoor Protected
Known as ETOP, the new controller is so well protected against the elements that you can install it outdoors. Product Manager Lars Bernbom explains: “We created the new controller because we saw a clear need among our customers: most of the controllers on the market were not sufficiently protected against the elements to allow them to be placed outdoors. The controller will turn off heating at -22°F /-30°C but will still endure ambient temperatures down to -58°F /- 50°C with no harm to its integrity. This means that in the vast majority of cases you won’t need to shelter the controller. What’s more, installation and set-up is very simple and straightforward, and the controller can be used with many different sensors and cables from our OJ Winterline® range.”

A powerhouse controlled by swiping a magnet
The new OJ Winterline® controller is not only easily installed – it is also easy to control for end users.  “At OJ Electronics we focus on easy operation in all respects, so we also considered the end user. How could we make this really accessible to everyday users? We decided to fit the system with magnet-activated controls. You simply swipe a magnet across the ETOP to see the current status and access control options. And you just swipe again to move on to the next option. You won’t need to remove the cover or read long instructions – this is really simple to use. Of course, including this option meant that we had to ensure that the unit is fully protected against the environment, but that was an effort we were happy to make!”

Melting more with 3x30 amp load capacity
With its 3x30 amp load capacity/three-phase supply, this controller can handle far larger areas of snow and ice than most. “I like to call this a nice kitten with huge fangs,” says Lars Bernbom: “It’s so compact and well-behaved that the huge capacity comes as quite a surprise to many! But this controller will allow you to cover large areas with ease.”

Room panel with 2” touchscreen
The new controller comes with a remote control option in the form of a room panel with a 2” touchscreen. “We wanted to keep it simple,” says Lars. “The screen provides information about outdoor temperature, run time, any errors, and has an on/off function for forced heat, allowing users to quickly clear away snow and ice if the occasion demands it. That’s it – because that’s all that most users will ever need.”

The new ETOP controller in brief
The new ETOP controller is designed to control electric outdoor heating cables based on temperature and moisture monitoring. It is designed for harsh environments and also comes with a simple, minimalist indoor user interface that has exactly the setting options your users need.

  • Suitable for outdoor operation – even in harsh conditions
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Simple setup and operation
  • Magnet-activated controls
  • High power output supporting 30 amps on up to 3 phases.
  • High weather resistance (NEMA4x / IP66)
  • Operation from -22°F to 86°F / -30°C to +30°C
  • Electronics will endure power in the temperature span -58°F to 122°F / -50°C to +50°C
  • Remote control option: ETOP-R room panel with 2” touchscreen allows for easy remote control from inside
  • Can be used with existing OJ Electronics sensors (ETOG-xx, ETOR-xx, ETF-744/99)

We hope that this new outdoor controller for harsh environment will prove useful to you and your customers.  Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, queries, etc.

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