New electric floor heating thermostat

Affordable, yet advanced: The new, digital MTD3 electric floor heating thermostat gives you more than your usual basic thermostat – such as Ecodesign and EN 50559 compliance.

Much more than your usual basic thermostat
MTD3 raises the bar for basic thermostats with its large display and expanded functionality. This enables you to stand out in the basic thermostat market.

Complies with the Ecodesign directive
With the MTD3, you get a basic thermostat that meets the demands of the European Ecodesign directive – which means that you no longer need to use high-end products with functionalities you may not require. That’s why we call this an ‘Digital Thermostat’.

Complies with EN 50559 – hot spot protection
EN 50559 compliance is often required in major tenders – and with the MTD3 you have access to an affordable product which fully meets the requirements of this standard.

Proven quality
The MTD3 has been field tested for an entire year in more than 100,000 installations. It proved to have a return rate of just 0.07% – demonstrating its high quality and ensuring that you minimise your expenditure on complaints and claims.

Blind cover included – great for institutions
The MTD3 comes with a blind cover, making it ideal for public spaces where access to thermostat adjustments should be restricted, such as institutions. This will open up new market opportunities for many customers.

Don’t tie up capital in thermostats
You can get your MTD3 thermostats really quickly – we offer small volume production and fast delivery times. That way, you can keep inventory levels low and free up capital.

The OJ MTD3 digital thermostat for electric floor heating is available now.

Learn more about the Digital Thermostat MTD3 here

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