Ongoing sustainability activities

OJ Electronics is involved in a number of sustainability-focused projects locally and regionally.

Project Zero

OJ Electronics is proud to be located in an area with unique potential thanks to the large number of knowledge- and engineering-based companies who wish to lead the way in climate protection. The Sønderborg area of Denmark has initiated its very own climate project: Project Zero.

Project Zero is a vision of making the entire Sønderborg area CO2 neutral by 2029.Thanks to Project Zero, local companies are working together to form a strong cluster and make Sønderborg a power centre for cleantech. OJ Electronics is proud to help to reach this common goal.

As a Zero Company, OJ Electronics initially committed itself to reduce internal CO2 emission. We reaches our goals by focusing on CO2 conscious behaviour, for example:

  • We measure our energy consumption in order to save CO2.

  • We use our resources prudently, and save on electricity, water and heat.

  • We involve energy savings when we consider purchasing new equipment.

  • We involve our employees in this mission.

Read more about Project Zero at:

LEAN Energy Cluster

Ongoing activities in Lean Energy Cluster with special interest in Green Lab

University projects

We prioritise cooperation with relevant colleges and universities to promote a successful innovative partnership and increase our visibility as an attractive workplace. Technology projects are naturally our priority.


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