"As a responsible, market-oriented company, we meet market demands for sustainable solutions. Energy efficiency is a crucial factor for our customers and sustainability is a parameter on which we are judged. As a market-oriented company, our prime task is to supply the products demanded by the market – and that is energy efficient products, manufactured with responsibility."
Erik Damsgaard,



"As a manufacturing company, we strive to maximise the efficiency of our production, with lowest possible energy consumption and highest possible consideration for the environment."
Henrik Laue,
In-house cleantech ambassador,
the Production Technology Department.


"Our task is to develop energy efficient products and solutions. Focus on energy efficiency is therefore fully integrated as a prime parameter in our development process and is taken into account in all our product development projects."
Tom Kragh,
Head of Development


"We choose our suppliers with care on the basis of several parameters. One of these is sustainability. The less the production of our components impacts the environment and consumes energy – the better."

Flemming Hansen,
Strategic Purchasing Manager

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