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Temperature controllers 

Our standard range of HVAC temperature controllers are our simplest options and very easy to install. We offer several different models, allowing you to control temperatures in AHUs (Air Handling Units) for commercial applications and HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) systems on any scale. You can explore our basic temperature control range below – and if you want something more advanced, we recommend our OJ Air2 system.

Extensive range for temperature control

The OJ Electronics range for HVAC temperature control includes:

• Air handling controllers

• Temperature controllers for DIN-rail mounting

• Temperature controllers for wall mounting

Simple installation, reliable operation

Turn a knob. That’s all you need to do to set these HVAC temperature controllers. There are no webservers involved, no sophisticated functions to remember – here, what you see is indeed what you get. And what your customers get is reliable, accurate control that lasts. 

Single-function control
The EFRP is our simplest temperature controller, used to control a single function – for example a single fan or heating coil. You can combine them with many different sensors to suit your application – and benefit from night setback, variable p-band and more. 

Double output control
The TRD range of HVAC temperature controllers have two outputs – ideal for when you want alternating fan control. Excellent for smaller commercial AHU applications. It’s got integrated frost control too. Combine with an EFRP-998 remote setting potentiometer to allow users to set temperatures where they are.

ETI – simple electronic thermostat
The ETI is a simple electronic thermostat with on/off function. Ideal for handling single heating coils. Use wherever you need a digital thermostat for 35mm DIN-rail mounting.

ETN4 – for extended temperature ranges
The ETN4 thermostat has an extended temperature range from -19.5° to +70°C, making it ideal for many purposes – including frost protection for pipes, cooling and more. It comes with a large backlit display


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