TRIAC controls for electric heater coils

When applying electrical heating to air in a ventilation system or to the soccer field of a Champions League stadium, it is important, that the requested temperature is maintained as accurately as possible with as small variations in the temperature as possible.

With the complete product range of power and step controllers from OJ Electronics, this requirement can be met, as easily, as a valve is installed to control a hydronic heating system. Best of all, this can be done maintaining the system durability, which today is a natural requirement in hydronic systems.

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Power and step controllers for easy integration with electric heater coils

At OJ Electronics you will find a complete range of TRIAC controls to control electric heater coils in AHUs. And you will find them easy to work with: each model is designed for easy integration with any range of heater coils for comfort heating. 

The OJ range of TRIAC control options includes:

• Power controllers with 1, 2 or 3 phases 

• DIN-rail power controller

• Step controls

Accurate and durable electric heat control

The OJ power and step controllers are engineered to give you several benefits, including

• accurate, noiseless control 

• long life expectancy

The built-in PID controller makes installation and operation simple, straightforward and reliable, saving you money on installation and power consumption. 
The TRIAC range starts at 1x16 amps (3.6 kW) and goes all the way up to 3x63 amps (43 kW).

EFS – Power and step controllers

To create a complete heating system, simply connect an EFS TRIAC controller to an electric heating element and a temperature sensor. Or you can use an analogue signal from an HVAC controller to regulate the power output for a heating coil.

EFM – Power controllers

Use the EFM TRIAC controller in conjunction with a temperature regulator to ensure very accurate control of heating cables or heating coils in ventilation ducts.

EFK – Power controllers

The EFK TRIAC controller is designed for wall mounting in a room. Simply position your EFK unit and attach it to an electric heating coil – then your installation is done. The built-in sensor ensures that the room temperature is maintained at the setpoint selected. And you can easily adjust that setpoint simply by turning the knob. 

EFH – Power controllers

Our EFH TRIAC controller has a built-in regulator to control the air supply temperature or room temperature. The temperature setpoint can be adjusted remotely by means of an external potentiometer. You can place an external temperature sensor in ducts or rooms as required. 

ETT – Step controllers

The ETT step controller starts and stops electric heating coils in accordance with demand. It is always used with a temperature regulator.

You can also use the ETT step controller with an EFS TRIAC controller for stepless, infinitely variable regulation of very large electric output power ranges. 

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