Zone control for up to 125 individual zones

Controlsystem for multiple zone

OJ GreenZone™ HVAC zone control

OJ GreenZone™ is an intelligent and highly efficient answer to modern HVAC zone control. A combination of master controls, modules and room panels gives you complete control of each individual room or zone in your building’s VAV system – whether that system is based on AHUs fitted with controls from OJ Electronics or from another manufacturer. With an OJ GreenZone™ zone controlled VAV system you can create and maintain the exact air quality and temperature you want in up to 125 individual rooms or zones. 

Control up to 125 VAV zones

Each OJ GreenZone™ Master is an electronic controller capable of controlling up to 25 VAV zones in a ventilation system by means of an OJ GreenZone™ Module. And you can connect up to five Masters in a fully expanded system, bringing the total number of individual zones up to 125. 

Zone control for energy-efficient VAV systems 

With the OJ GreenZone™ system we have combined decades of application experience with the most recent research on how to make VAV systems as energy efficient as possible. That’s why building owners benefit from major energy savings – up to 65%. 

Easy installation and clever touches

As well as drastically reducing energy use and CO2, the OJ GreenZone™ system offers easy installation and operation – for example thanks to its WiFi connectivity. We’ve added some creative touches, too – such as a unique beeper function that makes it easy for service staff to locate modules hidden behind ceiling tiles, and of course you can use your latest device to control your OJ GreenZone™ system.

Zone control made simple 

The OJ approach to zone control involves three components: master units, zone modules and room panels. The use of one or more masters ensures maximum energy efficiency in large buildings.

• Plug & Play

• Energy efficiency

• Reliable solution

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