Pressure transmitters with relays

Pressure transmitters with relays Excellent, all-round choice for field installation. Use for filter monitoring, frost protection, heating coil protection and more.

This pressure transmitter has built-in relays. It is an excellent all-round choice for field installation; it’s versatility makes it ideally suited for handling situations where you do not know exactly what kind of controllers will be used – for example whether the controller will require 0-10V/0-20 mA or a relay signal. And the relay output can even be inverted.

Use the pressure transmitters to make sure filters are replaced in time, to be warned about ice forming in the heat exchanger, and to ensure sufficient air flow before heating coils are switched on.

The pressure transmitter with built-in relays are ideal for: 

  • Filter monitoring
    The relay is activated when the pre-determined pressure is reached. This version monitors the filter and indicates when it needs replacing.
  • Flow monitoring
    This version monitors the air flow; the relay is activated when the pre-determined air flow is reached.
  • Overheat monitoring
    Prevents overheating by making sure that there is sufficient air pressure across the electric heating coil before it can be switched on.
  • Frost protection/alarm
    Lets you know whether ice is forming in the heat exchanger by detecting increases in pressure.

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