Integrated pressure transmitters

OJ Air2 Fan IO

The OJ Air2 Fan IO is a combined input and output module with two integrated pressure transmitters. It is specifically designed to detect and transmit alarm and control signals in ventilation units.

Reduces risk of installation errors

Installing these pressure transmitters is very simple – particularly because you benefit from our QuickPlug™ feature, which ensures that you need minimal internal cabling and significantly reduces the risk of installation errors.

Where to use OJ IO modules

These IO modules with integrated pressure transmitters are installed close to the fan on a flat surface inside the AHU – often in a corner of the fan section. You can even place them directly in the airflow without problems.

With OJ Air2 fan IO modules you get:

• Two pressure measurements

• Two temperature measurements

• Control of one fan

• QuickPlug™ installation – for minimal cabling

OJ Air2FanIO – for traditional damper solutions

Use OJ Air2FanIO for traditional damper solutions and applications where the valves are controlled by analogue signals.

OJ Air2FanIO21 – for Modbus-controlled dampers and valves

Use OJ Air2FanIO21 when your dampers and valves are controlled via Modbus to prevent blocked dampers or hanging valves.



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