OJ Air Cloud®

cloud-based SCADA system for AHC-3000 and OJ Air2

Easy troubleshooting from the cloud with OJ Air Cloud®

OJ Air Cloud® helps reduce downtime of AHU systems by enabling quicker, easier troubleshooting than ever. With this cloud-based system you get data logging, user-customised dashboards, easy diagnostics by means of visual graphs, a device view function, alarm notification via email and a user actions log. You can use OJ Air Cloud® via PC (Windows, Mac), tablets (Android, iOS) and smartphones (Android, iOS).

Better, cheaper support

OJ Air Cloud® improves your opportunities for offering efficient remote support thanks to features such as data logging, diagnostic tools and a user actions log. And your support services don’t just get better – they get cheaper, too.

What you see, they see

With OJ Air Cloud®, everyone is on the same page. This means that facility managers and service partners minimise the risk of misunderstandings in their co-operation: both parties can access the same data at the same time, giving them instant access to all the information required to discuss and resolve any issues – even though they are at different locations.

Be (even better!) prepared

Having advance access to details about problem sites via OJ Air Cloud® means that service partners can check everything they need to know beforehand – and arrive at the site fully prepared with the right components and spare parts ready in the van. Of course, this means that alarms can be resolved quicker.

Secured, encrypted connection

All data sent to and from the OJ Air Cloud® system is handled via secure connections. All data is encrypted, and the system utilises the most recent HTTPS/TSL technology. Your data remains yours and yours alone.

GDPR compliant

The OJ Air Cloud® solution was developed with the upcoming EU regulations on General Data Protection (GDPR) in mind, so the entire system fully complies with the new rules. This includes the option of fully deleting user data again.

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