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Control systems for AHUs

At OJ Electronics we have spent four decades providing and perfecting control for different ventilation applications. We are very aware that different settings require different things with the OJ Air Controls range, you can get it all.

AHC-3000 control system for compact AHUs

The AHC-3000 offers all the standard functions required by most of your customers – and pre-programmed add-on options makes the system entirely scalable while avoiding the costs of customised programming.

OJ Air Cloud® gives easy troubleshooting anywhere

A cloud-based system for AHU and ventilation control. With OJ Air Cloud®, all users have full access to the same, fully updated data, making remote support, diagnostics and troubleshooting simpler and easier than ever. Fully prepared for customisation and compliant with the latest EU data protection regulations.

OJ-Air2 flexible and precise AHU control

If you want the full benefit of sophisticated AHU control and simple handling, you can install our complete range of OJ-Air2 in your system. But you can also scale your system to match project specifications, picking out specific products and control features to give your clients exactly the level of AHU functionality and control they need. 

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Green Comfort

Intelligent control results in maximum comfort with low energy consumption.


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