OJ Drives Controller

Created with energy renovation in mind

Specifically designed for energy renovation projects, this compact, user-friendly unit offers costeffective control for your ventilation system. You also get control and an intuitive touch-screen interface built into a single product.

Ideal for replacing single fans with several

The controller is ideal for retrofit projects where you replace a single, big fan unit with several smaller fans and need a common controlling
device. Capable of controlling up to 32 drives/fans, the OJ-VCH makes it easy for you to create and install more energy-efficient systems for your clients.

Powered through the drive

The OJ-VCH ventilation controller is powered via the connected drive, receiving +24V DC through the supplied Modbus RJ12 cable.
If you expand your system with an OJ Electronic pressure transmitter, setting up the pressure transmitter is easily done via the touchscreen menu. The pressure transmitter is supplied with power from the connected drive.

The functions you need

Simple, compact and easy to install, the OJ-VCH ventilation controller includes all the features required by most retrofit projects.

Fan speed options

You can control the speed of the fans directly – or regulate fan speeds depending on the flow or pressure in the ventilation system.

Control via display or signal

The requested speed, pressure or flow can either be controlled directly from the user-friendly 3.5” touch display or via a 0-10V analogue signal.

Digital input – start/stop

The controller comes with a digital input that can be configured as a start/stop signal.

Alarm relay option

If you want alarms in the event of system faults, a relay option module can be placed in just one of the connected drives and selected from the onscreen menu as a common system Alarm relay.

  • Ideal for energy renovation & retrofit projects
  • Controls up to 32 drives
  • Intuitive menus (English & German)
  • Modbus communication
  • 3.5” colour touch screen

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