OJ Air2 EXT  The OJ Air2 Ext is an extension module that is used in AHUs with high functionality, where components need to be controlled and monitored.

The OJ Air2 Ext is an extension module that is used in air handling units with high functionality, where extra components have been incorporated that need to be controlled and monitored.

With the OJ Air2 Ext, the OJ Air2 system can be scaled up to precisely what your customer needs. For example, the module can be built into heating or cooling sections, and the customer pays for accessories as needed.

The functions are programmed

The OJ Air2 Master contains a large number of functions that have been thoroughly tested and are ready for use. If the application concerned requires use of the more advanced functions, then the number of inputs and outputs can be expanded with the OJ Air2 Ext.

Customer-specific units

If the air handling unit has been delivered from the factory with all heating coils, cooling coils, dehumidification and humidification built-in, then the OJ Air2 Ext is installed in the unit, which results in the simplest cabling. Up to 5 modules can be used simultaneously, and the modules are configured intuitively via the builtin Web server in the OJ Air2 Master.

Compact units

If the OJ Air2 system is used in compact units, where heating, cooling, dehumidification and humidification are sold as loose accessory sections, the OJ Air2 Ext can be built into the individual sections. The OJ Air2 software can even by agreement be customer-adapted specifically to your sections, so that they are automatically configured upon being connected.

  • Functional extension

  • For building into heating/cooling section

  • Two temperature measurements

  • Two analogue inputs & outputs

  • Two digital inputs & outputs

  • QuickPlug™ installation

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