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The OJ-Air2 Fan IO is specially designed for mounting in the fan section in an air handling unit.

All functions for controlling fans, filter monitoring, temperature measurement and damper control are built-in.

The OJ-Air2FanIO minimises the internal cabling in the air handling unit and significantly reduces the risk of installation errors.

Safe commissioning

The only connections that are necessary between two sections in the air handling unit are a QuickPlug™ Modbus cable and a power cable for the fans. This makes troubleshooting significantly easier when assembling the sections, and the OJ Air2 Master even issues an alarm if anything is missing.

Full flexibility

OJ Air2 Fan IO functions will be configured in the OJ Air2 Master for the most efficient solution in the air handling unit. Where are the temperature sensors, filters, dampers and fans physically placed? Should pressure or flow be measured?

Simple installation

The OJ Air2 Fan IO is connected to the OJ Air2 Master with QuickPlug™ Modbus, eliminating time-consuming installation faults and troubleshooting. There is a built-in connector for connecting to other QuickPlug™ Modbus products from OJ Electronics, e.g. OJ Drives or an xTH transmitter.

  • Two pressure measurements

  • Two temperature measurements

  • Controls two dampers

  • Controls one fan

  • Controls adiabatic cooling

  • QuickPlug™ installation

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