AHC-3000-S AHC-3000-S is a simple and scalable control
for decentralised and compact ventilation
systems and is used together with an
intuitive colour touch screen.

Simple and scalable

The standard configuration is simple control of two fans and heat recovery with a 0-10V signal. Pre-programmed options make it easy to fulfil a clients needs for more advanced fan or temperature regulation with connection of a 0-10V controlled heating or cooling surface.

Intuitive user interface

The colour touch screen panel is chosen depending on the clients need. Use the 2” panel for the daily operation. Or choose the 3.5” panel with advanced functions and password protected access to installation and service functions.

BasicBMS – 25 room network

In buildings with decentralised ventilation there are many ventilation systems to operate optimally and maintain. With BasicBMS up to 25 systems can be easily monitored from a common 3.5” panel. Service requirements like e.g. filter change-out can be monitored centrally and without additional cost in a classic BMS system.

• Simple and scalable

• 2” touch screen panel

• 3.5” touch screen panel

• BasicBMS − 25 room network

• BMS modbus RTU

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