New touch-screen room panel

OJ GreenZone™ systems give you complete control of the ventilation in up to 125 rooms or zones. Now, you can share a bit of that control with the people inside the building. The OJ RPT-20T – our new touch-screen room panels for the OJ GreenZone™ control system – lets users control the ventilation and temperature in their rooms, ensuring optimum comfort while still conserving energy.


The touch-screen room panel is ideal for office settings, schools, shopping malls, airports, hotels, hospitals, etc.


OJ RPT-20T Room Panel Touch

Product features

  • User-friendly, intuitive operation

  • 2” colour touchscreen

  • Built-in temperature sensor

  • Programmable daily/weekly cycles

Green Comfort

Intelligent Control
Green Comfort

Intelligent control results in maximum comfort with low energy consumption.


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