Up to 65% energy savings

Optimised for efficient performance:

Enhanced AHU control and optimised temperature, air and water flow bring energy savings of up to 65%.

Demand-controlled fan speed:

In most systems, fans run at full speed or not at all, resulting in a HVAC system that is either under- or over-ventilating. With  the OJ GreenZone™ control, the damper-optimized DCV technology ensures the fan operation automatically reflects each room’s changing uses and needs, which greatly reduces energy use and costs.

Summer / winter compensation:

With summer/winter compensation, OJ GreenZone™ adjusts temperature setpoints in accordance with the conditions outside. No programming is necessary: simply connect an outdoor temperature sensor to the OJ Zone Master unit.


Independent report confirms OJ GreenZone™ savings

The efficiency of the OJ GreenZone™ approach is confirmed by independent research. A recent guidebook from Norwegian research institute Sintef explains the theory – and the OJ GreenZone™ system belongs firmly in the ‘Good’ category.

Use of Specific Fan Power (SFP)
It is important to clearly specify requirements in terms of SFP in order to get an energy efficient DCV system. DCV systems are not necessarily energy efficient. Figure 2.1 shows the variation of SFP according to the airflow rate for an ideal, good, normal and poor ventilation system, respectively (Schild and Mysen, 2009). The differences lie in the fact that some systems regulate the airflow rate by using unnecessary throttling.*1

View the full Sintef report here.

*1 Mads Mysen, Peter Schild, Axel Cablé: Demand-controlled ventilation – requirements and commissioning, Sintef, 2014

Case Story

Learn more about how Hotel Bella Italia, a new boutique hotel in Sønderborg, Denmark, uses a GreenZone™ solution to manage heating and ventilation in the rooms, ensuring that guests get exactly the comfort they need – and that the hotel itself enjoys greatly reduced energy consumption. Get access to the Hotel Bella Italia case story here.


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Green Comfort

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