Zone control for VAV systems

The OJ GreenZone™ intelligent zone control system has won great acclaim for its distinctive approach to handling the separate demands of up to 125 separate rooms or zones. The solution matches the need in commercial buildings, that generally require a variety of indoor climates.

With the OJ GreenZone™ system you can drastically reduce energy use and CO2. The system exemplifies easy installation and operation - notably with its WiFi connectivity

Putting the finishing touch on the OJ GreenZone™ control system

The latest addition to the range reflects the philosophy of making installation and operation simpler while ensuring better control than ever: The OJ RPT-20T room panel is an attractive, touchscreen-based graphical user interface that gives users straightforward and intuitive control of ventilation and temperature within parameters set by you. The 2” colour screen uses familiar symbols that are instantly recognised by users, and installation is easily handled via a QuickPlug™ Modbus connection.




Plug & Play solution saves installation time and costs - no programming necessary.


Room panel

The final touch for your GreenZone™ system - the OJ-RPT-20T room panel.



Enhanced AHU control and optimised temerpature, air and water flow equals energy savings of up to 65%.


OJ GreenZone

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