System configuration

Choosing OJ Air2 for your air handling units gives you a wide range of control options. With OJ Air2 equipment inside, each unit that leaves your factory can be uniquely yours – adapted to your clients’ specific needs, legislative requirements, etc.

Complete control the way you want it

The OJ Air2 range is very extensive - it gives you everything you need for full AHU control. In fact, at allows you to choose between millions of possible applications. The individual pieces are obviously diverse, but still share certain characteristics - such as easy installation, much simpler cabling with QuickPlugTM  Modbus technology, and intuitive operation.

Want customised features? Talk to us.

We are always happy to create customised features for our clients, including features for private label solutions. So if you have special requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us. We can help you assess whether such customisation is feasible – and how to achieve what you want to do.