Intuitive interface for AHU control systems

The OJ Air2 range includes two different touchscreen interfaces: the 2” HMI-20T for everyday users, and the 3.5” HMI-35T for a full range of functions.

Simple control

The compact 2” HMI-20T interface gives everyday users simple control, allowing them adjust the temperature setpoint and fan speed for the entire ventilation system via the intuitive touchscreen panel. Installation is very simple: the unit clicks in place in seconds.


The HMI-20T in brief 

  • 2” colour touchscreen

  • Easy QuickPlug™ Modbus installation

  • No DIP switch setting required

  • User-friendly, intuitive operation

  • Allows users to choose fan speed and temperature setpoint

  • Shows current temperature, ventilation setting and alarm

Full control – full access

The OJ-Air2-HMI-35T is a larger, more complex user interface for the OJ Air2 range. It covers the full range of functions – system configuration, set-up, maintenance and troubleshooting.

All system values can be viewed by all users, which means that passwords are only required when you want to edit the settings.

Operation is straightforward and intuitive: the menus are logical and easily navigated – and they use familiar symbols so that all users are up to speed right from the beginning.


The HMI-35T in brief 

  • 3.5” colour touch display

  • Easy connection and installation via Quick Plug™ Modbus

  • Easy mounting on the air handling unit or on a wall

  • Can be flush mounted in walls for a sleek finish

  • Very intuitive graphical interface – for easy navigation

  • All system values are visible to any user

  • Passwords only required to edit/alter settings

  • Full, yet simple overview of AHU components

  • Uses familiar symbols to ensure instant recognition

Can be combined

You can include both models in your system if you wish. For example, the simple HMI-20T interface can be installed in an office for everyday users, while an HMI-35 model is placed in a technical room where service technicians can use it to access more sophisticated options.

For more details and to download data sheets, please visit the OJ-Air2-HMI-20T product page and the OJ-Air2-HMI-35T product page.

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