Secured, encrypted connection

All data sent to and from the OJ Air Cloud® system – whether between the AHU controller and the cloud or PCs, smartphones and/or tablets and the cloud – is handled via secure connections. All data is encrypted, and the system utilises the most recent HTTPS/TLS technology. Secure user access is ensured by means of user names, passwords and CAPTCHA.  That is how we ensure that your data remains yours and yours alone.

Secure every step of the way

Below is an overview of the security measures applied in the OJ Air Cloud® solution:

User application (Web, access via PC, tablet, smartphone)

  • Secure user authentication

  • Captcha protection

  • Minimal password complexity

  • Passwords are stored in encrypted form

  • HTTPS access

Communication server (controller to cloud communication)

  • TLS connections

  • Device authentication

Hosting security

  • Host firewall

  • Host user access lists

  • Isolated host environment

  • Backup solutions (DB, user application, communication servers)

  • Threat detection

  • System maintenance

  • Application maintenance

  • Period security checks and scans

GDPR compliant

You might also like to know that the OJ Air Cloud® solution was developed with the latest EU regulations on General Data Protection (GDPR) in mind, meaning that the entire system is entirely compliant with the new rules. For example, this includes the option of fully deleting user data again.

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