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OJ Air Cloud® lets you access plenty of information in easy-to-view, real-time formats – via PC (Windows, MAC), tablet (Android, iOS) and smartphones (Android, iOS). Here’s a rundown of the features currently available.

Dashboard view

The ‘dashboard view’ function can be used on all devices. Here users can monitor AHU systems and their operation via a chart overview that shows any current A and B alarms, devices and logs of user actions.

Map view

On PCs, OJ Air Cloud® gives access to ‘Map view’: a visual overview of the actual physical locations of the AHU systems connected to the cloud. This allows you to plan service visits and travel times with maximum efficiency.


Get an overview of all the AHUs connected to your OJ Air Cloud® account – either from the dashboard view or map view. If you handle several AHU systems, you can get an instant overview of all your systems, regardless of location – and quickly identify any alarm sites. You can also add new AHU systems as required.

Device view

Select a specific system from ‘Devices’ to access ‘Device view’, which gives you access to the following information:

  • Alarm overview

Get a quick overview of the alarms associated with the selected AHU system. OJ Air Cloud® logs alarms, recording when they arose and on which system.

  • Config device

Here you can name your AHUs and position them in map view (enter co-ordinates).

  • Device operation

Here you can change various parameters in the AHU, such as temperature setpoint and time zone.

  • Scheduler

Here you can plan the AHU’s operation for the next two years – and schedule any holidays or downtime periods where the system should run at reduced capacity or be switched off altogether.

  • Device users

Shows all the users who can access the chosen AHU system.

  • Table view

A list of all parameters of the AHU system – such as operation mode, temperature regulation and fan regulation – and their current stats. The exact list will reflect the options connected to the system.

  • Graph overview

A graphic visualisation of the system’s current temperatures and pressure (supply and extract air).

  • Monitoring graphic view

Here you will find visual depictions of the readings taken by the various sensors connected to your AHU system. This enables rapid visual identification of any errors: you can instantly see any unusual and unintentional deviations from the usual curves.

User change log

Users can log any changes they make to the system, ensuring that can be seen and remembered by everyone in future.


API (application programming interfacing) means that you can access all data directly in the database and develop your own interfaces, showing the information exactly as you wish.

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Green Comfort

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