We cover your need for electronic ventilation control 360

At OJ Electronics, we take a 360° approach to the ventilation business. Yours and ours. This means that you can get everything you need for electronic ventilation control from one supplier. We offer both customer-specified and standard products. And you can be sure that we apply our fifty years of experience in the HVAC business to not only create excellent products, but also maintain full control of every aspect of design, manufacturing, delivery and support.

Cooperating to achieve excellence

Doing business with OJ Electronics gives you access to our comprehensive application knowledge, technical expertise and market insights in ventilation projects. Adding extra value to your projects is the core of our business.

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OJ Drives

Dedicated to ventilation

Get introduced to our drives programme dedicated to ventilation.

OJ GreenZone

Modern climate control

Our GreenZone solution is the intelligent and highly efficient answer to modern climate control.


OJ Electronics

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