Complete, versatile thermostat for WiFi control

The OJ Microline® WiFi Thermostat OWD5 shares the extensive range of setting options and functions of the acclaimed OJ Microline® Touch Thermostat OCD5 – with the added benefit of WiFi connectivity. This makes it the most complete and versatile thermostat for WiFi control of electric floor heating you can get.         

Users can now control their thermostats via an intuitive app. They can keep each thermostat individually controlled – or combine them in jointly controlled heating zones. The system can be easily expanded and reconfigured to match changing needs. This easy scalability also makes it perfect for private homeowners’ projects of all kinds – from in a single bathroom to underfloor heating throughout the entire home.

The OJ Microline® WiFi Thermostat OWD5 is compatible with all widespread temperature sensors and frame systems on the market, making it ideal for upgrades of existing heating solutions as well as for new builds.




WiFi functionality enables control via app.

OJ Microline


Covers all the user’s everyday needs – and helps installers during installation.



Based on the popular OCD5 series, these WiFi-enabled thermostats are well tested, durable – and easy to commission.


WiFi Thermostats

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