Control the home heating system from any location

The OJ Microline® UWG4 Touch thermostats for North America enable remote WLAN connectivity, which gives users a convenient way to control heating of their homes. Furthermore, WLAN connectivity gives easy access to information on energy consumption and system performance.

  • Connection: WLAN network connectivity enables remote access to monitor and control the home heating system

  • Smart device access: Smartphone and tablet enable downloading of the OJ Microline® app featuring a variety of system control opportunities (e.g. direct access to product information and settings)

  • Multi-room control: Control, monitor, schedule and set temperatures in multiple rooms around the house – when at home or at any other location

  • Weather forecast: overview of outdoor temperatures and weather information for quick heating adaption


OJ Microline UWG4 app

The OJ Microline UWG4 app lets users make the most of their OJ Microline UWG4 Touch thermostats: using the app to remote control their home heating system from any location.

Like the thermostats themselves, the app is entirely intuitive and easy to handle – making it simpler than ever to ensure maximum savings on heating bills while still enjoying a warm welcome every time they step into their home.

  • View and set temperatures:

The user can instantly see the current temperature in all their rooms and locations fitted with OJ Microline® UWG4 Touch thermostats. And make any adjustments they want.

  • View and change the heating schedule:

One of the key benefits of the OJ Microline® Touch thermostat is its schedule function, where the thermostat automatically adjusts heating levels to match the users usual timetable. However, sometimes people need a bit of flexibility, and this app lets them override the schedule to adjust temperatures as they wish – from any location including their home.

  • Set the heating system to vacation mode:

At times the heating schedule will need adjusting because the users are going away. With the OJ Microline® UWG4 app the user can plan those adjustments whenever they have a spare moment – and time them to take effect when they need them to.  

  • View the energy log:

The app lets the user monitor their heating system’s current and past energy consumption at any time and from any location.


Download the OJ Microline® UWG4 app in Google Play.



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