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OJs room thermostats for electric underfloor heating has a wide geographic reach and a deep product assortment, available for the different markets.




OJ Microline® 4-Event Clock Thermostats

These simpler versions of our programmable clock thermostats are an ideal choice for low cost systems while maintaining all the reliability you expect from an OJ Electronics solution. These 4-event thermostat timers are designed for underfloor heating, but can be used with other types of heating systems, e.g. hydronic heating system. 

Adaptive, automatic temperature control

These clock thermostats have a built-in clock function with a 4-event programme for automatic temperature control. Like their Premium counterparts, they are adaptive – the thermostat calculates when to turn on the heating to make sure that the comfort temperature is obtained at the required time. All settings and clock times are maintained if the thermostat is switched off on the built-in interrupter.

Clock Thermostat OCD2

With two sensors with dual sensors, floor and room

Clock Thermostat OCC2

With one sensor either floor or room

Clock Thermostat ICD3

With dual sensors floor and room. Distinctive design and interface.

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