Thermostats for Electric Floor Heating 

Form and function – combined in elegant high-quality design

Our room thermostats for electric underfloor heating are recognised for their ideal combination of form and function. They are just as easy to install and program as they are pleasing to the eye – and they handle even high-load applications with precise temperature control.However, no matter whether our thermostats are to be integrated in electrical outlets, flush-mounted, or wall-mounted, a thermostat from OJ will always be characterised by quality, reliability and attractive design.


Floor Heating Electric

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Touch Thermostats

Europe & Overseas

The OJ Microline® Touch thermostats set the standard for quality, reliability and contemporary design.

Touch Thermostats

North America

Remote access, sleek design and intuitive control is the highlights of the new touch thermostats for North America.


OJ Electronics

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